Direct Drive vs Belt Drive Turntables

turntable on tableThe anatomy of a turntable may take some to study them all, but if you have an interest in it, we suggest checking out Down To Five. Simply put, what you need to know mostly is whether to go for a belt drive or a direct drive turntable. How the record spins depend largely on this. The more accurate the bearing is on the platter, the less friction is developed during the spins. This consequently leads to a more perfect audio quality. There are some enthusiasts who actually like the friction or ‘skips’ produced by the scratch of the stylus against the spinning records though.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the best turntables. Ideally, you shouldn’t go for any that sell below $200, because a record player below that price would likely be of questionable quality. For the best bang for buck record players, I would personally suggest an Audio Technica player. Not only is Audio Technica one of the biggest brands of turntables you can find today, most of its record players are also extremely cost effective. The higher end brands could easily go above $1,000. Is it worth it though? It depends, really.